Tattoo course

Tattoo – is now a popular kind of art form in Vietnamese life, with the demand for beautiful tattoos – that’s the reason for the increasing number of tattoo artists .

How to find a quality training institute and prestige in Saigon? Tattoo Course at Tooart Tattoo Salon can response for both criteria!

For each course at Tooart Tattoo Salon, students will be trained in art from basic to advanced, how to recognize the details in the direction of art. Start with simple lines to create blocks, create depths, understand the rules to create a design that’s right for customers.

Khoá học xăm nghệ thuật

Learn more about the course –  Tooart Tattoo Salon has 2 types of training for students to choose:basic and advanced.

  • 3 months of short course is suitable for those who are don’t have much time want to learn more about tattooing techniques.
  • Long-term course (about 18 months): For those who don’t have or already had knowledge about painting, this course will give you basic instruction on advanced painting skills,then get to tattooing process.

Lecturers are artists who have long experience in the field of tattoo. With the method of communicating enthusiastically, easily and comprehensively apply the practice in parallel with learning theory.

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On facilities, we guaranted for the best environment, along with the most modern equipment for learning, professionalism and comfort. You can also watch the process of creating tattoos by artists to learn more experience.

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In addition, Tooart constantly updates new techniques, trends to help students improve their skills, keep up with the demands of customers.

When participating for our tattoo course, students will have the opportunity to receive the following incentives:

– Supports all basic equipment and 2 tattoo machine during learning (practice on artificial skin).

– After the training, well-accomplished students that the desire to work with Tooart will be given priority to work here.


Khoá học xăm nghệ thuật

For more information about tuition and tuition fees, please contact hotline: 0908 051 191 (Mr. Tú) – Tooart Tattoo Salon is always available to answer your questions.