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Deer horn – a tattoo that has been appeared for a long time and is now popular for young people, but have we really understood what their meaning is? Let’s take a look at Tooart Tattoo Salon!

We know that deer is an agile animal, but talk about deer tattoos – the deer’s horn – Deer’s skull, the scope of meaning is much broader!

Deer tattoos include the meanings:

– Longevity, the power of survival instinct and individual development prosperity.
– Honor of loneliness, serenity and grace;
reborn and vitality
– Describe the good overcoming evil, power and justice!

In each culture their meaning will be different, deer are often chosen to be represented by line work, sketch, geometric use blackwork to express the power of tattoos. However, for women – we can use colors style and add more flowers,motifs,anything!

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