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About Tattoo Art

“There’s many style in tattoo, and it’s hard to count how much they had, as each style is associated with something very specific.
Here is an overview of the tattoos that have been made at Tooart, with a clearly annotated meaning, take a look to find out what kind of tattoos are right for you.”
The art of tattooing is very popular to the life of the Vietnamese. It was imported for a long time, and to the present time – this type of art has been preferred for many purposes such as: Beauty, marking the anniversary, meaningful . .
Tooart was born with the spirit of bringing beauty, another look for tattoo art, bringing the latest, most modern and quality tattoo technology to satisfy the most demanding tattooing needs,every aspect of the customer

Tú Trọc

Nguyen Ngoc Tu

Artist name : Tu Troc

Field of interest: Portrait – Fantasy – Maori – Mini.

Artist Tu Troc always knows how to bring customers satisfaction from consulting until finishing. Because of this he is always the first choice for customers when they come to Tooart Tattoo Salon.

“Tattoo is my passion, so lucky to be working with my passion. I always try tocomplete every work with enthusiasm and passion for art. ”

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Anh Tuấn

Nguyen Viet Anh Tuan

Artist Name: Anh Tuan

Forte : Realistic – black and gray – watercolor – black work.

Artist Anh Tuan understands European genres and always brings ideas that contribute to the unique taste of tattoos, along with a friendly, fun-loving working style that gives the impression of being closer to the customer.

“Tattoos are art on the skin, expressing the beliefs, personalities and art styles of each person, so I always try to finish my work with my heart.”

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Tú Trương

Truong Ngoc Tu

Artist Name: Tu Truong

Forte : Realistic – Black and Gray – Black Work – Japanese Style

Artist Tu Truong always uses painting thinking and the design ability to create products with their own substance, standards as desired by customers

“Sometimes things happen in your life that you feel you need to mark it with a tattoo.”

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