Daruma Tattoo


Daruma is a Japanese-originated doll, mimicked by Bodhidharma. However, many people misunderstand that Daruma is bad because of their irritated face.

In fact, Daruma is completely positive, characterized by the act of being knocked off immediately – meaning that rebounding after each fall will be stronger, persistent and tried are two elements of success.

Basically Daruma does’nt has eyes, after buying them, pray and paint oto the left eye, until finish what you whished for,paint the rest.

Besides containing the meanings on Daruma also bring prosperity, luck and health to the owner!

With the creation of the current tattoo artist, Daruma is variations on the skin in many ways, in addition to maintaining the same traditional colors ,they are also can create in European style, or a combination of other motifs create a special for Each tattoo of Daruma, up to the substance of the tattoo!

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